Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 9

Nearly a third of the way there. It's been a pretty good journey so far, no crazy revelations, no fat melting off my body like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tonight I roast a chicken, tomorrow I roast a chuck roast again (only this time I broke down and bought corn fed beef because the natural food store was out of chuck roast).

That should get me through the rest of the week as far as lunch and dinner go. I've been eating 3 egg mushroom/onion/ham/no-cheese omelettes from the work cafeteria for breakfast. They're really tasty, especially since the line cook makes sure to caramelize the onions a little bit so finding them is like finding little pieces of candy hidden in the egg. It rocks.

Lunch has been leftover soup one day, the remaining bland carnitas ribs yesterday, soup again today. Each time I've supplemented with an order of steamed veggies, mostly broccoli, from the cafeteria downstairs. It's easy. I ate more ribs for dinner Monday night along with some veggies, yesterday was a grocery store chicken (I ate half of it) and a steamed pouch of broccoli. Tonight is citrus roasted chicken again. I don't miss sugar all that much, but I do miss Spree. They're my crack. Not the soft chewy Spree you see everywhere, nah, the crunchy Spree. The original. The best. 21 days more and I can Spree until my head explodes. And beer until my head explodes. And Schwan's Peppermint Chip Ice Cream until my head explodes.

Actually, since I'll probably not have a tolerance anymore for anything, I can see one scoop of ice cream turning me lethargic, one can of SurlyFest turning me caustic, and then one box of Spree turning me into a hyperactive 9-year old dropped into a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit filled with puppies.

I went to bed at 10:30 last night because I suddenly felt tired as hell. Usually I'm up until midnight, or 1 AM on a "have to finish this episode!" day, but I was just sapped. Slept until the alarm went off at 7:30 AM, whacked snooze until 8. I was able to pull off 3 1-mile runs today, which for me is an amazing feat. My times were 8:28, 9:02, 9:26. I also was tested at the gym by another relatively accurate fat measuring device - the one that runs a small pulse of electricity through your right wrist and right ankle and checks the resistance to give you a result. I'm really curious how it will compare to the BodPod.

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